Doucet Developments is Live!

The story behind the inception of Doucet Developments.

It all began in 1996 when Doug and his partners started rcs construction – a general contractor operating throughout Atlantic Canada. rcs builds and renovates spaces for commercial, institutional, corporate and hospitality clients. Doug’s passion for his work and respected client relationships has enabled rcs to grow consistently since its inception.

Mill-Right Woodworking was created in 1999 to complement rcs and has proven experience in architectural woodworking. Its establishment allowed Doug’s team to remain flexible, accommodating clients, while focusing on their areas of expertise.

A shift in passion and aligning a Leadership team that could run rcs gave Doug time to pursue new goals. Priding himself on being a great connector in Atlantic Canada and naturally creating partnerships, starting a development company seemed like the next natural progression; Tier Too Developments (TTP) was formed in 2010. TTP now has several properties and partnerships, quickly becoming an A-list client for rcs and many other firms throughout Atlantic Canada.

With the growth of Tier Too, Doug soon realized that properties need management; enter PMco Incorporated in 2020. PMco is a full service real estate management company that can tailor fit a package to suit your needs. Their services include leasing, rent collection, maintenance, accounting, CAM reconciliation, contract management and more.

Doucet Developments brings these businesses together for a one stop shop experience for existing and potential clients. A service that some may try to duplicate but never replicate is the authenticity Doug and his team bring to the table. Their depth and breadth of industry experience allow you to take as much or as little of a role in your development as you wish.

Beyond properties, Doucet Developments is invested in building partnerships, careers, innovation, and change. With the head office located in Bedford NS and regional offices in NB and NL, they are committed to strengthening the Atlantic Canadian community.