Doucet Developments x CBRM

On Tuesday, November 8th at the CBRM Regional Council and Committee meeting, Doucet Developments was named the successful proponent for the Sydney Waterfront Development project.

The details of this project are still being ironed out by both sides and will involve a series of community outreach to get public opinion on how they would like to see some of this space developed and used. The proposed direction has this massive project being broken out into three phases that will include the construction of multiple mix-use developments along with underground parking amongst other potential additions.

Doug Doucet, President & Founder, along with Chris Baldwin, Chief Financial Officer, presented a high-level overview of what we are proposing for this phased development and a high-level overview of what’s required to go from concept to completion. This meeting along with the presentation was recorded by the CBRM and can be viewed by clicking here.

“Our vision for this waterfront development is the first of its kind in Sydney! Everyone in this partnership has the mindset of ‘Sydney-first’ and are focusing on how best to utilize one of Atlantic Canada’s best untapped properties.”

Doug Doucet

Additionally, both Saltwire and CBC News posted their own articles about this exciting announcement and what it could mean for the community at large.

The future is looking bright for downtown Sydney and the surrounding municipality, and we are thrilled to be a part of this landmark project!

Our community is embarking on transformative changes that will position us for a stronger, more resilient future. We are looking forward to working with Doug Doucet and his team.” 

CBRM Mayor Amanda McDougall