Cape Breton Post: Changing Waterfront

(Article from Cape Breton Post, posted by SaltWire). “Edgewater” is our vision for revitalizing downtown Sydney by 2027, introducing 166 residential units, extensive commercial space up to 75,000 feet, and a substantial parking facility for over 400 cars. This development, positioned between the Port of Sydney and the Holiday Inn, marks a significant change, replacing the current Portside Beer Garden and parking area.

This project, estimated to be between $200-250 million, is undoubtedly the most significant and riskiest in our history. Yet, it’s a risk we’re eager to take, driven by our confidence in the positive transformation it will bring to downtown Sydney. We at Doucet Developments, rooted in our Westmount origins, are excited to hit the ground running, fully committed to making a lasting impact on the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM).