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Real Estate Development

Tier Too Properties is a full-service real estate development company in Atlantic Canada.  Working with us gives you access to decades of experience in real estate and development through each phase of the process. This includes the feasibility analysis stage, land use review, property and real estate acquisition, and large tenant recruitment.

Together with you we inspire and build communities of all shapes and sizes, whether it is a multi-dwelling residential apartment, a community mall, or commercial real estate property.  We can work with you to take your real estate investment portfolio from vision to reality.

Construction Services

rcs construction has been influencing the construction landscape in Atlantic Canada for over 25 years by providing comprehensive services to our customers during the entire project – from conception to completion.

We serve all sectors such as retail, institutional, hospitality, multi-story, commercial and industrial.  Whether your project is a renovation, tenant fit-up or base building, having rcs engaged from the very beginning allows us to take clients on an informed journey throughout the pre-construction, design-build, construction management, and building process. With a client-centric approach to project development, we establish a cooperative working relationship with all those involved in the project.

Property Management, Leasing & Maintenance

Retail & Hospitality